Our Story

Greene Jungle Farm is a small sustainable family farm located in the rolling hills of Ridgefield in southwest Washington. We raise a diverse variety of farm products including pastured meats, eggs, vegetables and fruits.

We began farming in the fall of 2011 when we excitedly purchased our first cows, plowed a garden, and planted our fruit orchard. Our family chose a system of farm stewardship that creates an interactive ecosphere that is free from synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, inhumane animal treatment and no genetic engineering, modification, or redesigning of plants or animals for farm profits. We view the farm and all of the individual parts as many organisms living synergistically as one.

The farm itself is small but a majority of our land is pasture that allows for rotational grazing, summer haying, and plenty of room to grow seasonal or annual produce. Our fields are divided by a seasonal creek that is bordered by shady bands of riparian vegetation, a choice that provides habitat for numerous wildlife species. Greene Jungle Farm is our home, home to our livestock, and home to Ridgefield’s native creatures. We are excited to share the fruits of our labor with your family.